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A note from the creator of FineArtPost:

I am an artist and a website developer. Over the years I have created a numerous websites for artists. In my experience the sites shared a major weakness which was they went out of date quickly.

Think about it for a moment. Some artists want to pull a work from the site as soon as it sells. Other artists find that new work fits in with an ongoing series and would like it to be integrated into the site. An artist's work is constantly unfolding so that to really view the work in a coherent fashion one needs to be able to group works into settings that express the vision of the artist.

Fortunately the tools available at FineArtPost.com allow the artist to fluidly present an evolving body of work. Images and information relating to those images are stored in a database. The presentation of those images is dictated by how the artist chooses to group the works.

In some cases it makes sense to view work by medium, genre or year created, in other cases it would make sense to view work in a grouping that that crosses the boundaries of medium, genre or year created. Often it helps to have a variety classifications by which to view the work. All these options are made possible using the tools of FineArtPost.

- Doug Haynes, artist and web developer