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Side by side comparison
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Side by side comparison

FineArtPost compared to other types of sites

ratings on a scale of 1-10


FineArtPost Custom site by a professional Custom site by your friend or family member Joining an artist's stable Learning to maintain your own site
Affordability 8 1 9 4-8 10
Quality of presentation 10 10 1-10 4-8 1-10
Ease of updates 9 9 1-9 6-8 1-10

(unique look)

8 10 10 2 10
Visitors can find your site easily? 10 10 1-10 3 1-10
Time commitment 8 10 6-10 10 1
Overall score 53 50 28-58 29-39 24-51

Positives affordable, high quality, easy to update.. high quality affordable some artist stables will market your work very affordable once / if you master the process
Downside   not very affordable quality depends on the skill / dedication of your friend your work is hard to find, your site looks like everyone else's.. huge time commitment
Summary FineArtPost scores very high in all areas

The more you update the higher the cost.

If your friend is very skilled then you are lucky. Stick with them. A lot of artist stable sites are really a waste of time and money. It is pretty easy to get bogged down in the process of learning to create a site.