About Portraits

There is a freedom in painting oneself that is unique. With a client I am always concerned with how they will react to their painted image. I think everyone views themselves through a distorted lens, so the task of a portrait artist can be nearly impossible. Often what a client wants is not simply a likeness, but an image of themselves that looks like what they imagine themselves to be, perhaps 20 pounds lighter and ten years younger. Even paintings of my wife can lead to this sort of pressure, although for the most part she accepts the fact that the artist is there to do his own business.

When I look at the works I have done depicting myself I realize that I am willing to take even more chances artistically with images of myself than with any other subject. I have often been intrigued with the distortion and refraction of light, but the only place I have depicted people in that way is in my self-portraits.

The artists proposed for this exhibit excel at using that freedom to make portraits do much more than capture a likeness or flatter the subject. It is hoped that this show will be an opportunity for visitors to see the genre at it's best and delight in the diversity of it.

by Doug E. L. Haynes



Exhibition Proposal: Beyond Likness