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Painting with a Broad Brush

Don’t get bogged down in details, but learn to capture the essence of a scene to express its poetry of light and color.
In each session we will pursue a different strategy for simplifying a scene, focusing on the creation of a unified image, rather than on a collection of details.
We’ll explore:
*value bracketing
*3 tone value structures
*composition and simplification
*underpainting and blocking in

We will also address color harmony and soft and lost edges.

These strategies can be applied to the landscape, still life -- even portrait painting or painting from photographs. We will be working from still life set-ups in the studio or from photos you may bring in.

4 week course of 2.5 hours each thursday. Total cost $180
Materials not included except easels I provide.
Max Class size 4 Students to assure individualized attention.

Materials: you can use either oil or acrylic paint. You will need one panel or canvas per session suggested dimension 12X16”
You may bring whatever paints and brushes you are comfortable with or purchase the materials recommended below:

basic palette:
Winsor Newton Water miscible oils, 37 ml tubes
lemon yellow
cad yellow (or cad yellow hue a cheaper less toxic alternative)
permanent magenta
cadmium red medium (or hue)
Prussian Blue
Burnt Umber
Titanium White
expanded Pallette:
Ultramarine Blue
phthalo green
Zinc White
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre

Winsor newton Water Miscible oil painting medium, Fast drying medium
pallette knives
Brushes 1” square and Filbert, some really worn out ones if you have them.
rags, jars, a palette.