8/31/05 opportunities or delays

In nearly one month I have put about 2 kilometers of water between my tent and cancun. Pleased as I am with the possibilities slowly unfolding for myself here, I am more than a bit embarrassed to have made so little progress on the southerly jaunt I hope will take me all the way to Argentina someday.

I’ll set those thoughts aside for now to concentrate on making a bit of loot, since money rather than time may prove to be the limiting factor in my adverntures. There are no proper galleries on Isla Mujeres, though victor exhibits and sells pretty nice work out of his boutique and interior décor store on hidalgo the main drag and tourists parade. He met his wife here on isla mujeres and they returned to open the store less than two years ago. I introduced myself popped open my labtop and goave him a little slide show of my work. He told me he’d just sold two thousand dollars worth of paintings by a Brazilian woman and sounded confident I could do the like. He gave me a canvas 1.2m x 1.2m and said hed hang it and give it a try.

So now I have a project. I think it should be big bold and happy. Lots of turqois and a palm or two. I look forward to making my first oil painting in months.