Welcome to Hotel California

Wow, the last ten days have seemed so unbelievably long, not because they were boring, or even the most exciting, but simply because they have overlayed my northerly existence, the everyday with a new everyday of brushing sand off everything, applying sunscreen and taking shower after shower in unsuccessful attempts to cool down. Packing and unpacking my art materials, setting up to paint and meeting each days new arrivals to the posh Poc Na hostel and speed bonding over too many drinks at the beach party announced in the middle of the day to give the fresh batch the sense that they arrived on a lucky day.

After just over a week of this one feels like a veteran, the unmoving rock around which the constant stream of enthusiastic travelers swirl on their way to and from the beach. Today I proved I wasn’t a rock at all, not one who had gotten to the stage of becoming Dj, bartender or receptionist, merely a log jammed in the proper flow of things. I’m becoming downright embarrassed to have stayed longer in LaLa land, than the week, that seems to be the accepted maximum.

Poc Na feels like made for TV traveling. The cast selected from good looking adventurers traveling on a budget from all strong economies of the world. The setting designed by folks who have obviously been traveling to hostels around the world and have incorporated everything a backpacker may want: lockers for your bag, a variety of accommodations ranging from camping to private rooms, many showers with good water pressure, courtyards with adobe looking concrete walls all painted white to set off the blue skies and palms, but most importantly places to lounge and socialize. The painting bit has given me a nice little niche and an way to belong to the scene on my terms.

I’ve completed the commissioned watercolor of the exterior of Mananas, a charming café whose charming owners bought not only the image, but also rights to reproduce it in prints. I’m off to play dell Carmen to do the photoshop work and printing.

I have a half a dozen nice pieces from Isla Mujeres and will also run some prints of them. I’ve started selling a few things and hope that this is just the windup for a real living. So now a business trip to Playa del Carmen