The Island of Women, no, really

My self elected guide showed me Las Palmas a place with bunk beds and clean communal showers, for a mere $10 us. In cancun prices are quoted mostly in us. The place was ok, but the Mexican hostel just around the corner is a great place to meet travelers. Proudly displaying a dozen or so flags, two of them Israeli, and packed full of the adventurous youth from as many countries, the place serves as a hub for those on their way to and fro more interesting places. I joined three very tall and boisterous Slovenians, who soon offered me one of their bottles of beer lined up on the crumbling sidewalk. My tall companions turned out to be part of Sloveninan amateur ligue basketball team on their way to Cuba, just to look around not to play. A few hours and beers later it was my turn to buy the next batch. At the end of a good night I left my strawhat. Back at Las Palmas I had an uncomfortable night punctuated by more ambitious revelers returning at all hours. One returned to puke in the bathroom and pass out satisfied and snooze away. I laid awake and vowed to seek better accommodations.

I had planned to head south to playa del Carmen first thing in the morning, but the search for my hat took me into a different direction. One by one the Germans, Japanese, Israelis and a Kiwi named Dave!, got up and we started talking about plans for the day. I joined a few on a jaunt to Isla Mujeres a little island that is filled to the brim with one and two story shops and restaurants catering to those looking to escape Cancun. Settled in Poc Na, the Club Med of all hostels. I was glad to get my bag off my back and into a locker.