Abstracciónes Urbanos 2010

Pasos y Andares
Museo Exconvento de Santo Domingo, Centro Cultural de Los Altos de Chiapas

A Esencia de los Altos
Muestra individual en el Centro Cultural de Chiapa, Jaime Sabines

Sobre Muros (Written on the Wall)
Solo Show

San Cristobal
Constantly inspired by the beauty of crumbling cob walls and aging doors

the great adventure
traveling with no return ticket

Don't Forget to Write

2'nd travel log
"Don't Forget to Write" a goodbye to Madison, before Mark sets out to travel the World with an easel strapped to his pack.

travel log

Self Portrait
i began using self-portraiture as a vehicle for exploring technical issues of painting and drawing, but it has grown to be a meaningful meditative practice

Madison's East Side
a Fine Place as far as the US go

i love working from the figure. our bodies are so beautiful, a gift we must take care of but cannot keep