Artist's Statement

This website is dedicated to the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards, and offers a selection of donated art that can be sold to benefit the ongoing work of the Lifetime Awards. All the objects have been given for purpose of sales by individuals and organizations to help the WVALAA and its annual events. In addition to the items shown here there are many more fine pieces by Wisconsin Artists available. Consider any purchase a welcome donation with an art work as a premium. If you choose to simply donate some amount of cash to the WVALAA, you can expect a very happy response with letter acknowledging your donation. Contact Gary John Gresl at or 414-313-1682.

NOTE: It is important to recognize that some items seen on these Sales Benefit pages might no longer be available, and it may take some time to determine that. So if you see something that interests you and you are serious about a potential purchase, please give us a grace period to find out if the piece(s) remain in storage.

Since 2004 the WVALAA has provided an annual award to artists, patrons, authors, instructors and institutions who have distinguished themselves thru a lifetime of involvement in the visual arts, and in a manner which has benefitted the art culture of our state. A committee of knowledgable persons seek nominations annually and each year select a group of nominees to receive a lifetime achievement award during a reception and awards program.

The three entities which have created and maintained the annual awards include The Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend; the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Madison; and the statewide organization Wisconsin Visual Artists, Inc.

Should you have interest in purchasing an item you see on this site, or if you seek an introduction to other work that the WVALAA has to offer, please contact Gary John Gresl at 414-313-1682 or to receive additional information. Someone will contact you to discuss the work and means of assistance.


If you are interested in seeing all the past award winners please visit the official WVALAA website at WVALAA.COM.

Thank you very much for any interest and action. Contact Gary John Gresl at, or 414-313-1682.

WVALAA Benefit Sale of Art